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Self Portraits Live 2CD set £15

Live recordings taken from performances at two English folk clubs in October 2002. 

All the seventies favourites are here plus some of Mike's delicate Harp playing. 

Nearly two hours of music, laughter and poems on a 2 CD set.

This is an autographed, numbered limited edition of 250..

More info, mp3, picture and track list

Vertigosleeve.jpg (355251 bytes)
Mike Absalom  CD £12
The legendary Vertigo (Vertigo 6360 053) recordings from 1971 with the Roger Dean cover art depicting characters from Mike’s songs and showing scenes from Notting Hill.  Roger later worked on sleeves by the "progressive" rock group called Yes amongst others.  The vinyl LP is now a much sought after collector's item as it is the rarest of all the Vertigo "swirl" label releases.  
This CD edition, which is on the German Repertoire Label, comes as a mini reproduction of the original wrap around sleeve with the addition of a printed inner sheet and, if you buy via this site, an autographed period photo.

Hector & Other Peccadillos  CD £15
Original LP released, in 1972, on the Philips label (6308 131). This is a mini-replica edition of the original release.
Gherkin.jpg (68673 bytes)
Save the Last Gherkin for Me CD £15
A collector's item (originally on the Saydisc label, matrix 162) from 1968. Mike Absalom playing his own songs with guitar accompaniment by himself and the famous "best British guitarist" Diz Disley. This is the album that came after his bawdy/pub stage and before the two seventies Notting Hill albums (above).  The CD sleeve is a reproduction of the original sleeve. 

MightyAbsalomBathroomBalladsLPsleeve.jpg (39425 bytes)
The Mighty Absalom Sings Bathroom Ballads  CD £15
Released in 1965. You don’t want this one! Unless you are an avid Mike Absalom Historical research boffin. Bawdy Ballads and Beeps from Mike’s pre-folk scene days when he sang in rude places in Greece and Spain for Britons who were letting their hair (and everything else) down.  By 1966 Mike was “respectable”. This CD is housed in a "glossy" miniature replica of the original sleeve.

HartlepoolCover.jpg (88351 bytes)

“Live in Hartlepool”  2CD set £15

Recently found recordings with a near professional sound quality.  Recorded over two nights; 1977 at The Nursery Folk Club and in 1980 at the Hartlepool Folk Song Club.  The latter was perhaps the last gig Mike played before emigrating to Canada.  These two contain many songs unavailable anywhere else!

More info, picture and tracklist.

Wolverhampton.jpg (143152 bytes)
The Great Grombolian Connection
Live at Wolverhampton Poly 1978 CD

absalomjokingtodeathcover.jpg (55501 bytes)
Joking to Death  
Live in Crewe 1978 CD
SheMustHaveBigOnes.jpg (204392 bytes) CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

She Must Have Big Ones 
Live in Newport 1977
CD  (formerly released as "Hector the Dope Sniffing Hound - Live")

The Great Grombolian Connection, Joking to Death & She Must Have Big Ones are  three live  funny goonish CDs. With live audience and on stage sound effects, Mike’s stage patter (story), guitar and songs, many of them unrecorded elsewhere, and written for these specific shows, before he emigrated.  "They make ME laugh in my old age!" - Mike Absalom

More info, picture, lyrics, cartoons & tracklist

VintageCover.JPG (85070 bytes)
Vintage Absalom 1971 - 1981  CD
Funny songs and long comic poems including many not recorded before 1980.  Studio recordings with Mike accompanying himself on ragtime guitar.  Includes versions of "Hector" and "The Ancient Briton".

kettle.gif (51721 bytes)
Kettle on the Fire CD
Mike Absalom love songs & poetry. With Celtic Harp accompaniment CD

Angels from Under my Feet CD
Celtic Harp & Funny songs including college circuit version of the Goal of a Mole poem  CD

PomesCover.jpg (74052 bytes)
Professor Absalom's Pomes for Gnomes CD
Harp. Funny Kids songs in Lewis Carroll vein by Mike including the longer and sanitized version of the Mole Poem. (Spiral bound book also available with pictures and words from this CD - see below. 

Paraguayan Harp.jpg (76507 bytes)
The Paraguayan Harp of Mike Absalom CD
Instrumental CD, recorded after his disastrous adventures in Paraguay 1994

NatureScapes.jpg (63028 bytes)
Forest Dreams CD
Celtic Harp in the Canadian Rain Forest. Peaceful middle (new) age! CD


Harps International Live in Concert CD

Combining the unique sounds of three harps and a flute.  The recording features the classical, Celtic and Paraguayan Harps of Jill Whitman, Michael Absalom and Lori Pappajohn playing music in a live concert recorded on Bowen Island.

Some of the CD's are sourced from a Canadian supplier.  

Professor Absalom's Pomes for Gnomes    £15

Spiral bound book with 23 poems for children. 

Includes several pictures of the Professor at work and play.

Companion to the CD listed above.


Songs from the Slab

A chap book of Poetry and Verse £7

A 33 page collection of 17 of Mike Absalom's poems, both long ones and short ones, humorous and lyrical, in chap book format.
Includes: Rapunzel, How Divine!, Bill the Mammoth Basher, The Battlefield, The Vegetarian Cat, Keep on Good Terms with Worms, Facsimile, The Bogie Man, Dracula Whitbyiensis, The Mole, The Ancient Briton, The Three Toad Frog, Saudi Arabian Alcoholics Anonymous, Natasha the Flasher, Under the Magnolia, There is Nothing between Us, Mother Earth - Earth Mother.

Texts for many of Mike’s songs are available.  There are also some “commix” of illustrated songs. These exist for Hector, John the Bog, Sadie Stick, Benzedrine, Peaches Melba & the Hash Officer and Flasher Jack and Annabel at the Seaside.  You can see some of these here. Custom orders for hard copy versions of these are welcome!
You can order any of the above CD's or the books via mail order.
Overseas orders welcome.   All items fully guaranteed!

CD Prices - all are £10 unless stated.


Self Portraits Live 2CD set £15 More info  

Hartlepool Live 2CD set £15

Hector and other Peccadillos £15 

Save the Last Gherkin for Me  £15

The Mighty Absalom Sings Bathroom Ballads (£15 is currently unavailable.

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