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Buy the CD for £15 via Paypal

Mike says; Copies of the Old Fart CD have arrived.

Email me with a request to buy and include your postal address to and I'll send you a Paypal request for payment.

When that arrives in my account I'll post you the CD.

On this first batch postage and packing are free.

1. An Irish Boulevardier Begins to Pencil in his Living Will

2. Anaconda

3. Ask the Fuchsias

4. Carnival of the Animal

5. Chipa

6. Crab-apple Juice

7. Crime Scene

8. Croissants and Language on the Tongue

9. Dandelion Clock

10. I am Depression - Give me a Drink!

11. Ickle Christmas

12. If you had been here tonight

13. In Our Adventuresome Days

14. In the Troubadour Coffee House

15. Living out of a Suitcase

16. Nutter in Love

17. Old Fart

18. Old Loves

19. On Learning the Accordion

20. Schwantz by Moonlight

21. Shaky Paddy

22. Split

23. The Grave Digger’s Daughter

24. The Meaningless Poetry of Rain

25. The Spot on my Back where my Wings used to be

26. Unused Prescription

27. Wet the Tea!

28. Words of Love

29. Wurra Wurra: The Night of the Long Brooms

30. Your White Shadow

31. Rapunzel

32. There is Safety in Numbness

33. Brighid

34. Corsets

35. If You See Me Coming

36. Is Éireannach Mise

37. Musical Cats

38. Procrastination

39. Skeleton Pods

40. Umbelliferous

41. Words


All poems © Mike Absalom 2012